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Hyperion is a heavy fighter ship.

Morrison Aerospace Cooperation’s Hyperion-class heavy fighter was originally conceived as a dedicated

strike fighter. During its long and illustrious career it has grown into an extremely powerful and capable

platform suitable for a variety of security and law enforcement missions. Thanks to its advanced design,

the Hyperion can be quickly tailored for toles as diverse as escort, space superiority, surveillance, drone

operations, cyber and electronic warfare, and even a “battle rider” configuration allowing it to carry two

light fighters in place of the main weapon pods.


Mass: 40 tons

Crew: 2 (pilot and systems operator)

Powerplant: 1 GW closed-cycle Gas Core Nuclear Reactor with Brayton cycle generator

Delta V: 6.78 km/s, specific impulse: 2250 s

Comms/Datalink: Quad-ComeSat Datalink

Sensors: DAS, IRAC, 4x5 MW LIDAR turrets

Armament: 2x 600 MW multi-barreled railgun, entral missile bay (120 cubic meters), 4x 250 MW laser